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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Look what the Postman brought!!!

Happy Weekend everyone!!! I have to share this with you all before I go off to my weekend in Inverness!!

 I ordered a Variety pack from polstitches and a grab bag! I've never used linen before and wanted to give it a go! Look what goodies I got!! This is the three pieces in the variety pack!!

 I'm particularly in love with this one! I'm going to have to do some detective work and find out what the name of it is as I can see be getting a bigger piece! Its so sparkly!!! Its big enough for a Nora Pixie but the question is what one lol!!!

 This is the grab bag!! 5 pieces!! Two aida three linen!!  All gorgeous!!!
One of the aida and one of the linens are really long pieces! Cant wait to find something to put on them!!

I'm always impressed by Polstitches fabric is all so beautiful!!

Quick update on Waiting for ships before I go!!! Got some more green done and the Postman brought the rest of the thread I was missing so should have some good progress over the weekend!!

Ghost Story is coming with me too but I'm restarting her on the same fabric! Rather than start in the middle I'm going to restart her from the top of the piece of fabric. I think its going to be the same as waiting for Ships and the piece is far too big! If I restart from the top I can save the bottom half of the fabric!!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Waiting for Ships Started.

Had a few hours stitchy time today! Couldn't face the Runaway so I started Waiting for Ships!

It looks really blue in this pic!

Was going to wait before starting the metallics but there's just so much of them in this part I decided to start on I'll have to do them as I go! Oh well it's an excuse to go on sew and so!!!

The mermaid is coming away with me when I go in my trip on Saturday so I hope to get a good bit done!!!

Also my fabric is HUGE!!! I've ordered far to big a piece and I suspect its the same for Ghost Story!!

I'm back to work tomorrow so I think any spare time will be on the Pirate Queen! Not worked on her in a while but she's still ever present in my world lol!!!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The runaway update- 8 weeks to go!!

My cousin Catrina is due in 8 weeks on Monday. Today's stitchy day revolved around The Runaway sampler.

We have a leg!!! Not sure I like the shape of the leg though looks a very sharp angle... Oh well maybe look better with back stitch and the rest of the shading.

Day off work tomorrow, could be another stitchy day. Although don't think I'll stitch on this if it is. I'm a little sick of the business end of this horse (Cuddie my mum keeps calling it, Scottish Word that)

Youngest brother Michael says it looks like I've got a horse that just farted a rainbow, charming thought that!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Current Works in Progress- Gorjuss the Runaway

Most of my other WIP'S are on hold just now for this. My cousin is pregnant again and I stitched a tatty teddy birth sampler for her son who is now 5. This is the first girl in our family for a very long time and I went out and got the girlies sampler I could find!

Name is undetermined as of now! (Although I hear Eden)

 Look at all the pretty thread!!! Beads and everything (oh dear beads....)
Here's where I am just now and I'm devoting most of my time to it!!

Only 9 weeks to finish.....

Current Works in Progress- Waiting for Ships

After much deliberation over which Mirabillia mermaid would go on this fabric, my mother announced that waiting for ships would go great in her bathroom. (Although technically not a WIP yet)

 Pics of my floss toss.
 Fabric is again Polstitches, stormy seas this time.
 There was lots of agonizing over which mermaid was going on this fabric, I had forums debating over it and everything. There was three choices this, Mermaid of the Pearls and Deepest love.
Bigger pic of the fabric.

I'm off to Inverness next weekend and shall be starting while I'm away.

Current Works in Progress- Ghost Story

Another Gill Aldus design. Ghost Story, I've not done much just a couple stitches but shes pretty!!

 This is her finished! I'm a little bit in love with her!
 My Floss Toss, The fabric is bewitched by Polstitches. First time ordering from them and I must say I'm very impressed by the quality of the fabbie!!
My meager start but she's going to look so pretty on this fabric!

Current Works in Progress- Barbra Ana Biscornu

Just a fun little design. I plan on doing all three but this is design two.

Half Piece as my brother wold say!! (half way!)

Little close up. I love the symmetry of this one!!

Current Works in Progress- Simple Pleasures

This one is Simple Pleasures, a sampler design by Faby Reilly. It's just a quick project that I have on the side!

This is in Cross Stitch Gold this month and I liked the saying.

The only fabric I had in my stash was a very pale blue aida. I decided to change the thread for the lettering to a variegated red from DMC. (Excuse the hoop marks)

I'd like to point out this is my first go with Variegated and I learned so much from just doing the lettering.

There are so many new stitches for me in this sampler and its the main reason I've added it to my WIP'S. There are diamond eyelets throughout and I've very pleased for a first attempt here!! I changed the colour of them to Krenik Periwinkle.

After my first go with the variegated I gave the border a go. I'm following the line round with my stitching and doing each stitch individually even if they are on a line. This gives the design more flow and by doing each stitch one by one it gives the colour change a more gradual effect.

Current Works in Progress- Pirate Queen

I have many W.I.P.'s just now and never enough time to stitch them all!!

My biggest W.I.P. is the Pirate Queen by Gill Aldus. She is on 28ct off white evenweave and will measure 28x17 inches. She is by far the largest project I have tackled to date and when finished will look like this...

I am just about half way now behold my progress!!!

The abrupt line at the bottom is where the first two parts of the chart stops. As the magazine chart's center shifts slightly between issues I decided to stop each time the chart moved into a separate section.

I'm back stitching as I go as I does my head in!! Metallic threading as I go and beads as I go!! Beads are not my strong point I can do them and well I just don't enjoy stitching them!!!

Notice her whole necklace is beds and so is the neckline of her corset! Also look at that BLING!!! her jacket lining and the detail on her sleeves!!

Her earring was supped to be gold beads but I got mixed up and put on the pearl ones but I do like them better as pearls! My brother bought me a pair just like them!!!