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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Current Works in Progress- Pirate Queen

I have many W.I.P.'s just now and never enough time to stitch them all!!

My biggest W.I.P. is the Pirate Queen by Gill Aldus. She is on 28ct off white evenweave and will measure 28x17 inches. She is by far the largest project I have tackled to date and when finished will look like this...

I am just about half way now behold my progress!!!

The abrupt line at the bottom is where the first two parts of the chart stops. As the magazine chart's center shifts slightly between issues I decided to stop each time the chart moved into a separate section.

I'm back stitching as I go as I does my head in!! Metallic threading as I go and beads as I go!! Beads are not my strong point I can do them and well I just don't enjoy stitching them!!!

Notice her whole necklace is beds and so is the neckline of her corset! Also look at that BLING!!! her jacket lining and the detail on her sleeves!!

Her earring was supped to be gold beads but I got mixed up and put on the pearl ones but I do like them better as pearls! My brother bought me a pair just like them!!!

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