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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Look what the Postman brought!!!

Happy Weekend everyone!!! I have to share this with you all before I go off to my weekend in Inverness!!

 I ordered a Variety pack from polstitches and a grab bag! I've never used linen before and wanted to give it a go! Look what goodies I got!! This is the three pieces in the variety pack!!

 I'm particularly in love with this one! I'm going to have to do some detective work and find out what the name of it is as I can see be getting a bigger piece! Its so sparkly!!! Its big enough for a Nora Pixie but the question is what one lol!!!

 This is the grab bag!! 5 pieces!! Two aida three linen!!  All gorgeous!!!
One of the aida and one of the linens are really long pieces! Cant wait to find something to put on them!!

I'm always impressed by Polstitches fabric is all so beautiful!!

Quick update on Waiting for ships before I go!!! Got some more green done and the Postman brought the rest of the thread I was missing so should have some good progress over the weekend!!

Ghost Story is coming with me too but I'm restarting her on the same fabric! Rather than start in the middle I'm going to restart her from the top of the piece of fabric. I think its going to be the same as waiting for Ships and the piece is far too big! If I restart from the top I can save the bottom half of the fabric!!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love grab bags! The sparkly one is beautiful, looking forward to seeing what you stitch on it.

Andie said...

Ooooo lucky! Looks like Fairy Footprints to me :D

What size were your fabrics for Waiting for Ships and Ghost story? Waiting for Ships will fit on a fat quarter (18x27)

Kahlan said...

The sparkly one is beautiful!I'm so jealous.Looking forward to seeing what you stitch on it.

Eyani Ryou said...

Thanks everyone!! WFS and ghost story are on 18x27 32ct fabric. I can save the excess on Ghost Story but WFS is already started smack bang in the middle!!!

The opal is gorgeous!! I'm thinking of putting a Nora Pixie on it! It's called fairy footprints right enough and I'm planning on getting a bigger piece!!