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Sunday, 24 April 2011

The runaway update- 8 weeks to go!!

My cousin Catrina is due in 8 weeks on Monday. Today's stitchy day revolved around The Runaway sampler.

We have a leg!!! Not sure I like the shape of the leg though looks a very sharp angle... Oh well maybe look better with back stitch and the rest of the shading.

Day off work tomorrow, could be another stitchy day. Although don't think I'll stitch on this if it is. I'm a little sick of the business end of this horse (Cuddie my mum keeps calling it, Scottish Word that)

Youngest brother Michael says it looks like I've got a horse that just farted a rainbow, charming thought that!!

1 comment:

Freddysmama said...

I've been giggling over the rainbow farts for the last 24 hours! I think I'm able to comment today. 'puter let me hit the follow button, which I couldn't yesterday.