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Monday, 25 April 2011

Waiting for Ships Started.

Had a few hours stitchy time today! Couldn't face the Runaway so I started Waiting for Ships!

It looks really blue in this pic!

Was going to wait before starting the metallics but there's just so much of them in this part I decided to start on I'll have to do them as I go! Oh well it's an excuse to go on sew and so!!!

The mermaid is coming away with me when I go in my trip on Saturday so I hope to get a good bit done!!!

Also my fabric is HUGE!!! I've ordered far to big a piece and I suspect its the same for Ghost Story!!

I'm back to work tomorrow so I think any spare time will be on the Pirate Queen! Not worked on her in a while but she's still ever present in my world lol!!!

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