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Friday, 13 May 2011

Yet another WIP and Ghost Story update!!

Not much to update this week! Have had one of those weeks where there has been not enough hours in the day! First of all I decided whats was going on the gorgeous Polstitches Fairy Footprints opal!!!

 Peony Pixie!!! From Nora Corbetts pixies. I'm waiting on the krenik to start her wings and one shade of brown to finish her hair!

Was a little worried the material would overwhelm her but once the back stitching was in I think she looks great there!
I love how delicate Nora gets her designs to look!

She's actually been a very quick stitch so far! This is only one days work! The piece of fabbie is just the right size foe her too!!

Small progress on Ghost Story have the biggest majority of her face done just have to finish the left side of her hair and then I can do the back stitching on her face!

I have to back stitch as I go, not because I find it tedious ( which I totally do) but because unfinished faces like this one totally creep me out!! Seriously I have left the room because I've been so creeped out!!!

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Lauren said...

I know what you mean about the unfinished faces. A few years ago I stitched a couple Disney princesses (Jasmine and Ariel if I remember right) and once I started on their faces I had to finish them. Especially the eyes! Very creepy until they were backstitched and completed.