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Monday, 25 July 2011

I got an award!!!!

Thanks to Jo over at Serendipitous Stitching she gave me a stylish blogger award! It's so unexpected and I never prepared a speech lol!

As such my follower numbers have bumped up! Hello there! Glad to have you!

 So apparently I have to say 7 things about myself and pass the award on, well I'm pretty sure everyone follws the same blogs as I do so I'll commence with the 7 facts!

I play competitive ten pin bowling for the Scottish Team.

My nickname is chicken (due to a dutch woman who couldn't say Jacqueline properly)

My favorite film of all time is Nightmare Before Christmas (my brother and I book a days holiday every year to watch it on the TV even though I have three different DVD versions)

I believe Eyeliner is an acceptable religion

I have a degree in Biology with Aquaculture

I make angels cry for the wrong reasons when I sing

I was born with my hips dislocated and to this day I can turn my feet back wards (creepy but the greatest party trick ever!)

Quick Fairy Moon update for you all!

Excuse the picture quality it was taken on my I Phone. Don't know what Mum has done with the big camera!.

Notice how I've done all I can to avoid that big purple bit lol! I need to man up and get on with it really!

I've miscounted a row of her hair too kinda leaving that till last!

No update on Rhythm I've given her to my brother Kevin to keep until I get this done. Kevin is also keeping me motivated by me setting goals and Kevin is threatening me with dead legs and such if I don't keep to him! Aren't Siblings wonderful lol!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fabbie update!

Thanks everyone for the kind comments on Fairy Moon and Rhythm! Yeah I'm a lot in love with my fabbie pick for Rhythm too! For everyone who is curious its called Winter Skies from Sparklies (Which has an upcoming sale by the way!) Mine is 28ct Cashel opalescent! Love her fabric as it's so dramatic!

And for everyone who is wondering about Fairy Moon fabbie its 32ct luguna in Big Bang from the fabulous Polstitches!

Thanks again (off for more Fairy Moon)


Monday, 18 July 2011

I've been a bad blogger (and stitcher)

Yeah life happened lol!!! Been nuts around here! Work keeps giving me rotten shifts that leave no time for stitching or anything else! That and we have builders in for an extension it's all been very exhausting!!


I'm participating in a round robin. 100x100 stitches. My theme is fairies and am stitching Mira's Fairy moon although I find I am struggling with her! So much purple!!!! I'm fond of purple but not this much! However deadline for my piece is 1st August so I must power through!

When I get the next piece the theme is cats...

Don't know what you mean... I never started something new.....

Ha ha Rhythm a Nora Muse. The only one of the Muse's that I like! Purple I may not be fond of but blue I am!!! She was ment to be my reward when I finished Fairy moon but there's something about her I can't resist!