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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I'm baaaacccckkkk!!!

I have returned!!! Had an amazing time in Finland but am very glad to be home! I'll post some pics soon!

So I didn't have too much time to stitch but until tomorrow it's Passione Ricamo SAL on the Love 4 Stitch Along board!!!

 Her hair and garland have been done and I'm getting on with her wings!

Couldn't resist the blingy star!!! It's so cute!!!!

Get to do some back stitch very soon see if that skin stands out on the fabric more!!

Look what goodies were waiting for me when I came back!!! My PTP Christmas in July stash! First time ordering from PTP and I'm very impressed!!! The green in Lagoon in Crystal Cashel and the blue is Phantom also Cashel! I plan on using Lagoon for Bluebeards princess and Phantom I had no plans for I just fell in love with the colour but now I have it I think it just screams for Lady Alexandra!!!!

So participating in the L4S boards sal's is serving as my rotation just now two birds one stone!!!! PR until tomorrow and then I have free time until the 5th, ooohhh what to stitch!!!!


Joysze said...

Welcome back!!!!! :D Looking forward to seeing your holiday photos. :D

PR looks great. I love the colors in here and that is a very cute bling!! :D

Gorgeous fabbies!!!!

Jennifer M. said...

Very lovely stitching! I'm really starting to like PR designs and I see them more and more. Those fabrics are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what you stitch on those. :)


mdgtjulie said...

Very nice new fabbies. I like them both, but especially love that deep blue of Phantom. Gorgeous!! Glad you enjoyed your trip and made it home safe. Can't wait to see piccys!!

Lissanne said...

Your stitching is beautiful and I love the color of your fabric you are using. I love the variations in PTP's color on the fabric. Looks like you picked some great colors!

Daina said...

Very nice new work! I love the variations in PTP's color on the fabric too.

I wish you every luck!