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Friday, 12 August 2011

Update before I leave!!!

So this is it only 2 sleeps to go and I'm off to Lahti Finland!!! Being as unorganized as me I have left no time to stitch until I go so here is where I am with Summer Little Fae!

 The rest of my thread should be here tomorrow so I'll get her garland finished!!
My very sexy Q snap cover there lol! Not entirely keen on how her skin is almost the same colour of the fabric though! Think when the back stitch goes in it'll be fine!

Also excuse the writing on my hand it's to remind me to give my friend my copy of Game of Thrones for her to read!

Anyone else a Song of Ice and Fire fan? I'm so crazy about the series I have Winter is Coming tattooed down my spine! Yeah I'm a geek!

Anyone fancy a SAL??? Love4stitching is a Yuku board holding various SAL's for PR, Dark Side, Joan Elliott and many others at different dates of the month! Hope to see you there!!!


mdgtjulie said...

Love your fairy, and your Qsnap cover, lol. I have one for all my Q-snaps. Here's hoping you have a great trip!!

Hannah - City Stitcher said...

Yes me! I am currently reading a Storm of Swords (part one)when I'm not stitching or working that's what I am doing!

Have fun on your travels... Hannah xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

We watched the TV series and enjoyed it, million times better than Camelot!
I like the blonde horse-girl Princess character. Her hubby was great esp when he gave her brother the crown he wanted so much!
Haven't read the books yet. I have an entire library of Sci-Fiction/Fantasy but mostly read outloud to the large boy. We're working our way through Anne McCaffrey Dragonriders series now.
Have a good trip.

Joysze said...

Hubby was a huge fan, then the books too forever to come out and he was disheartened. LOL. We saw the HBO mini-series though.

Fae's cute.... love the purples in her wing.

Enjoy Finland!!!!