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Saturday, 24 September 2011

RR's really aren't for me!!!

This is what I've learned this week, I'm not supposed to be a deadline stitcher and I'm really not supposed to stitch anything cute and furry unless It's Japanese! That being said I'm powering through with my piece. Please however if I get the notion to do another of these please remind me of what I'm going through right now!!!

Onto happier times and my beautiful non rr defo Jacqui's style Summer Little Fae!!!

Now I've finished with the stupid half stitches on the back of her dress I'm much much happier with how it's looking!!

Look at all the bling  by the way!!

I still have the other wing and her bouquet to do but I'm going to leave them a while as I know when I start her skirt I'm going to get bored!!

Monday, 19 September 2011


First time taking part in the Hermiting and must say I loved it!!

Coming along with Summer Little Fae! Have acquired the other three in the set in my stash somehow... Don't know quite how they got there lol!!

I'm not quite happy with the lattice work on the back of her dress. There was hundreds of half stitches and I kept on getting confused. My stitching looks untidy there but I'm hoping its just me and it'll look ok once the last of the half stitches are in place!

Look who I brought out of hiding!! I worked on her before this weekend and fallen in love with her all over again! She got a wash before I went back to work on her and some of the back stitching has came loose however that was because I was lazy with it in the first place! That will teach me lol!!

So I had every intention to work on the RR this weekend but got side tracked as usual! On an early day at work tomorrow followed by a day off so must knuckle down and get on with it! The theme is somebunny to love and although it's very cute it's not something I would normally stitch which is why I'm having such a hard time focusing on it!

However just have to man up!!!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Quick Update!

Sorry for the radio silence ladies!!! Been a bit out of sorts lately, my youngest brother Michael has left for the States a couple days ago to attend Clarke University in Iowa. It's strange (and a little devastating) not having him here but I'm unbelievably proud of him for having the guts to cross the pond to follow his dream!!!

On a stitch note I have been stitching a surprise for the lady who organized our RR. Shes getting married in a couple months and all 30 odd of us on the facebook RR are stitching something for her! pics shall follow when I send it to her!!

Yes I caved!!! She was just too pretty!! She's going on that lovely piece of PTP phantom and I've deliberately only bought some of the threads to start. 

 Next piece of my RR to do next. It's some bunny and the chart I picked has varigated and satin threads!! Fun fun fun!!

Yiotas cross stitch kit review.

So I was asked really nicely to review a kit before I went on my Holidays by the lovely Yiota and well who am I to refuse such a generous offer!

After going through some very lovely designs I settled on a Mucha. As everyone can tell I love to stitch pretty ladies (I really dont know why....) and Mucha's art is full of them! So after sending my selection to Yiota I went off to Finland.

When I arrived this was waiting on me!!!

It came in a do not bend envelope and wasn't squished at all when I got it, that's all been me lol!!

The picture is not too clear on the front but I think its just the fact its a highly detailed picture on a small space.

In my plastic packet there is also......

PRE-BOBBINED DMC baby!!!! Excuse my excitement lol!!! I'm a floss away bag girl purely because I'm lazy so this is awesome!!! All bobbins are clearly marked and pristine.

The provided fabric is 14 count aida, I'm really not an aida girl and I'd prefer an evenweave option but I really don't know if that would be feasible on a business side...

The chart is over two A3 pieces of paper and are the standard symbol chart. The top page looks like a lot of info at once I don't know if its me or if doing it over 4 A4 pages would be better? Also it would be easier to make working copies off of A4 pages. (you should see me trying to make working copies of Mira charts! The girls a work stand and laugh at me)

That could just be my personal preference though!!!

Beautiful Kit, Beautiful design, speedy delivery, great value for a £21.90 kit and a wonderful lady to work with!

Thanks to Yiota for this opportunity.