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Friday, 2 September 2011

Quick Update!

Sorry for the radio silence ladies!!! Been a bit out of sorts lately, my youngest brother Michael has left for the States a couple days ago to attend Clarke University in Iowa. It's strange (and a little devastating) not having him here but I'm unbelievably proud of him for having the guts to cross the pond to follow his dream!!!

On a stitch note I have been stitching a surprise for the lady who organized our RR. Shes getting married in a couple months and all 30 odd of us on the facebook RR are stitching something for her! pics shall follow when I send it to her!!

Yes I caved!!! She was just too pretty!! She's going on that lovely piece of PTP phantom and I've deliberately only bought some of the threads to start. 

 Next piece of my RR to do next. It's some bunny and the chart I picked has varigated and satin threads!! Fun fun fun!!


mdgtjulie said...

I just love Lady A. She's gorgeous. And can't wait to see your RR piece, and your gift. She'll be overwhelmed!!! Grats to your brother going overseas to attend college. What will he be studying?

Joysze said...

How is your brother faring over here? I'm sure he's having a great time acclimating.

Sooooo, have you started Lady A? ;)

Eyani Ryou said...

Thanks ladies!! He's having a great time!! He's studying computer Info systems but he's got a scholarship playing ten pin bowling, which is the main reason he's traveled so far! He's having an issue with the humidity though! He's not used to the heat!

No been really good and not started Lady A yet! May start her for my birthday as a present to myself!!