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Monday, 3 October 2011

Been Spoiling Myself!!

I think its a by-product of the RR but I keep buying stash!!! My sparklies sale fabric came as did my Polstitches fabric of the month club!!

Sparklies sale fabric! Rain on the left (which is a lot lighter than the website picture) Black Dahlia, which I ordered for Lady A but that was before I got the PTP phantom, the other small ones are me trying to find a fabric for Winter Little Fae when I finish Summer still undecided but I love Moonlighting the bottom blue! It might be a little too busy for WLF.

This is Soft Clouds, this months limited fabric from Polstitches! Its lighter than the pic and is PERFECT for PR's Morning Fae so of course I had to order the thread.....

He he how fun are these!!! Witches Boot Scissors from Kelmscott!!! I'm getting into the Halloween spirit!!

I also got the chart for this Prairie Moon design Bone Cheeks. It's so pretty!! Day of the Dead Skull!!! Excited is no the word! It's done in Gloriana Silks but I really can't justify 10 colours at 6 quid each! Birthday money or not, so I trolled the internet converting it to Dinky Dyes silk (2 quid each)! After that mammoth converting task I have since discovered it comes with a DMC alternative.... However too late now.. Onto the second fail with this one, Never heard the postman at the door on Saturday so I missed the delivery and it's a bank Holiday today so the post office where it's waiting for me is closed until tomorrow and I'm working the exact opening hours of the post office tomorrow SIGH!!!!!

Just to prove it's not been all about stash this week here's what I've done of the RR piece! Not as much as I'd planned this week but there's a reason....My best friend Alan planned a HUGE surprise for me! He arranged to meet up for coffee with me on Friday and to my surprise one of my other closest friends that I hadn't seen for 2 years was waiting with him. Of course coffee turned into a catch up with turned into dinner which turned into drinks at his house which turned into going to a fun fair whist fairly intoxicated!!! I was in no fit state to stitch the next morning either!!!

I aim to either be finished this blasted bunny this week or be pretty close to it!!!


Colours of the Outback said...

I love all the fabric you got, yummy!

Joysze said...

Awww, the bunny's bum is so cute!!! Gorgeous fabbies. Moonglow is gorgeous... I agree about it being too busy, but maybe you could find something else for it? :)

CindyMae said...

Love the new fabric's . . .gorgeous!!! Love your stitching.

Jan said...

It's great you have spoilt yourself. I love the skull pattern - so funky.

TammyK said...

Beautiful fabric and the skull pattern is awesome. Love the Pirate Queen from a couple posts back. Looking forward to watching her grow.