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Sunday, 30 October 2011

How'd that happen???

The stitching voices in my head keep telling me to work on it!!!

Ha ha I may have some explaining to do! Ever been so excited by a pattern when you get you grubby mitts on it you MUST start it right there and then??? That's what happened! I had to go out right after the post had been and go to Hobby Craft to get the threads and beads! I had a voucher due to run out that day and well it HAD to be a sign right???

Fear not work still continues on the bunny of doom but as I'm on holiday from work until next Tuesday there's so many more stitchy hours in the day!!!

Todays agenda: A trip to Glasgow to the ICHF (International Craft and Hobby Fair)! I went last time round back when I was a one project gal lol! I wasn't really sure of what everything was last time but now I'm more stitch savvy coupled with pay day weekend I plan on doing some major damage and not let a Nun push me out the way this time!

So keep your eye on the news for a Dundee woman arrested at a stitch show because it's probably me!

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