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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

IHSW October!!!

I know I said that by this time this week I'd be either close to or finished the stupid bunny....Well I'm not! Ha ha! I had a good amount of time Sunday for IHSW and worked solely on the bunny for the RR.

 I am getting there with it and before this I hadn't picked up a needle for a week! Not because I didn't want to believe me I can't wait to see the back of this bunny, but because I'd injured myself!!! It's always a risk to ten pin bowlers that something goes wrong and you can tear the skin off your thumb, I did but rather than like a normal person and stop I kept going until I couldn't physically get my thumb back in a ball! So stitching was out the window until it healed!

Close up of the flowers. I jumped up to do them because the monotony of the other colours was getting to me! Having never stitched with satin threads I was quite excited, my word the effect is very pretty but for love nor money can I get the thread to sit well! I did eventually figured out to keep it really tight and a little thread heaven works wonders!!!

Hopefully this is it though the final stretch! Have the next piece sitting here waiting on me to work on it. Egyptian theme!!! Something I would actually stitch!!! Maybe I'll stop being a moan on this one lol!!!

Good Times!


missy-tannenbaum said...

Even if you're not done with the rabbit, it still looks like a pile of stitching got done, and the project looks like it'll end up being really cute, too! Plus, the color scheme is quite pleasant- I love how bright it is. Still, I can understand wanting to have something done because the next project looks way niftier, so good luck on your way to your Egyptian project!

Joysze said...

The colors on this are so bright and happy. :) It's goig to be super cute when you're done.

Take care of your thumb, will ya? :)

Claire said...

Looking good.x