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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bunny of death update!

Or as my brother has taken to singing every time he sees me with it Evil Bunny! I'm waiting on him coming up with a dance to go with it! (Yes a 23 year old man singing and dancing to a cross stitch!). I had planned to be finished this by the time I go back to work but as usual I got distracted! However I know I'm close to being finished! I have a full day tomorrow before my Holiday ends to work on it!

However thought turns to the Egyptian Piece and what to stitch on it. My aforementioned brother thinks I should stitch a Yu-Gi-Oh piece! I think (being a giant anime geek)  its the greatest idea ever but I dont think the lady in my RR would appreciate a piece of Japanese anime about an Egyptian Pharaoh playing a children card game!

 My distraction had been put aside for the moment so i can work on the bunny unreservedly. I did get a good  portion of the beads done before I put her away!

Although I can't walk past her without running my hand over the beads and cooing So pretty lol!



Minnie said...

You are doing some beautiful stitching and I love the bead work. Can't wait for more progress.

Joysze said...

The bunny is adorable. I did find your brother dancing around singing about cross stitching funny. You should tape him doing that and put it on youtube. That'll teach him. ;)

Yummy beads in Trick or Treat. Looks great!!

Ewa said...

I would coo, too! She's gorgeous!