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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Well I had a great Christmas! We all go around to my Aunty Evelyn's for Christmas dinner and her kids and their kids join us! It's always a loud affair and this year involved Turkey, Presents, a dart gun, a crossbow and a wrestling match...Was one of the quieter years!

So now it's past Christmas I can show you all what I stitched for my brothers Christmas card!!

Courtesy of  Missy over at Dork Stitch She made me patterns for Yugi and Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! My brother (a 23 year old man) plays the card came and watches the anime. He squealed like a little girl when I gave it to him!

Tiny little progress on ToT. I'm at the point on Pirate Queen when I change over to the second magazine and I have to sit down and take proper care to line it up right.

Gill Aldus (my favorite designer) has a new design.... Anemone, a mermaid. She's a beautiful coral mermaid, Vanessa over at magic monster has done the model on PTP tempest.

How could you resist a face like that??? Well I couldn't!

On PTP crystal Lagoon.

So as new year approaches I have to start thinking about the WIPocalypse. I had an extensive list but now I'm thinking a short list thats actually manageable. So I've decided on Pirate Queen, Morning Fae, Anemone, ToT and Chatelaine deep blue mystery!

Maybe next post I'll show you all pics of my Christmas stash haul and the story of how I blinded myself with my new lamp!


Veronica said...

ToT looks great! Oh, I've not seen Anemone before. She's gorgeous. Can't wait to see more progress on yours. Hope you have a wonderful new stitchy year.


missy-tannenbaum said...

I'm really glad that your brother liked the Yugi and Kaiba patterns, and they look so nice stitched up! Did you put them on evenweave? It's so fancy! Also, your two WIPs are really pretty, and I love the fabric you picked for the mermaid!

Joysze said...

Your brother's card turned out so beautiful and ROFL at him squealing like a girl.

I saw Vanessa's stitching a bit ago and it's nice to see yours shaping up on Lagoon. :D

Mangogirl said...

Those little yugi-o thingys are so cute. I like it when people squeal it means they really like it!

I love that mermaid her face is lovely.

Valentina said...

Can't wait to see TOT all done, I love her.
Happy New Year!