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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I'm baaaacccckkkk!!!

I have returned!!! Had an amazing time in Finland but am very glad to be home! I'll post some pics soon!

So I didn't have too much time to stitch but until tomorrow it's Passione Ricamo SAL on the Love 4 Stitch Along board!!!

 Her hair and garland have been done and I'm getting on with her wings!

Couldn't resist the blingy star!!! It's so cute!!!!

Get to do some back stitch very soon see if that skin stands out on the fabric more!!

Look what goodies were waiting for me when I came back!!! My PTP Christmas in July stash! First time ordering from PTP and I'm very impressed!!! The green in Lagoon in Crystal Cashel and the blue is Phantom also Cashel! I plan on using Lagoon for Bluebeards princess and Phantom I had no plans for I just fell in love with the colour but now I have it I think it just screams for Lady Alexandra!!!!

So participating in the L4S boards sal's is serving as my rotation just now two birds one stone!!!! PR until tomorrow and then I have free time until the 5th, ooohhh what to stitch!!!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Update before I leave!!!

So this is it only 2 sleeps to go and I'm off to Lahti Finland!!! Being as unorganized as me I have left no time to stitch until I go so here is where I am with Summer Little Fae!

 The rest of my thread should be here tomorrow so I'll get her garland finished!!
My very sexy Q snap cover there lol! Not entirely keen on how her skin is almost the same colour of the fabric though! Think when the back stitch goes in it'll be fine!

Also excuse the writing on my hand it's to remind me to give my friend my copy of Game of Thrones for her to read!

Anyone else a Song of Ice and Fire fan? I'm so crazy about the series I have Winter is Coming tattooed down my spine! Yeah I'm a geek!

Anyone fancy a SAL??? Love4stitching is a Yuku board holding various SAL's for PR, Dark Side, Joan Elliott and many others at different dates of the month! Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I may have a problem...

Hi I'm Jacqui and I have a problem! I have severe startitis!!!

 Having just recently discovered Passione Ricamo I fell more than a little bit in love.... This is Summer Little Fae. She was supposed to be my travel project when I go to Finland next week! I have a 10 hour stop over in Heathrow and it automatically translated to stitchy time!

First time using Treasure Braid and I'm really enjoying it! Did my usual, couldn't decide between fabrics had to do a toss, then just a couple stitches!!!

Fabric is Whisper by Polstitches.

Fairy moon R&R is off to the next participant. Not quite finished but I was loosing the will to live on it! In the rush to get it posted didn't take a photo but I will when it comes back to me.

 A little progress on Rhythm
Waiting on the next part of the R&R to get to me! While I am waiting however the first step to solving a problem is to admit you have one and you all will be pleased to know I'm looking into a rotation lol! My cousin Catrina has decided to pick up the needle again and has confiscated my chart folders! Harmless enabling or am I spreading my addiction??? You decide....