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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Last IHSW for this year!!!!

Long time no blog! I have no excuse really...

I've just about finished the ;ast block in the JE RR!!! It's Jo's piece and I recieved it a little bit later than everyone else but I just have a mass of hair to do and it's done! When I finish it I'll do a big RR post.

Also been working on the Large stitch Mira RR and again my block and the frames are almost done!

I have been working on a model for Polstitches. It's Mira's Petal Fairy on Opal Bali Sunset (don't tell Jo I've shown you a pic ha ha)

She's coming along quite nicely!

Also I've been bad and started Nora Corbett's Jade Blue Pixie...

Unlike the other Pixies she's captured my attention and I've done a fair bit in the couple days I've been working on her. Fabric is Polstitches Snowy Mountain LE. I'm really really enjoying her!

I promise to blog sooner as soon as I finish the RR!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I know I know I'm a bad blogger....

Been a while since I've updated! I've been so busy! Two rounds of the JE round Robin have passed!

Stephs piece,

and Debbies,

I chose the platinum haired variation of Mystical Mermaid, for a design that doesn't have a full stitch of Kreinik in her shes very spangly!

I've also been busy stitching the Mira Petal Fairy for Polstitches! I can't share pics here but you can follow my progress on the Polstitches facebook page!

Also distrating me is it's October, the pumpkins have been delivered to the store.....EXCITED!!!!! I love love love this time of year and I love love love carving pumpkins!!!! So far I've only done one Edward Scissor Fingers! Tomorrow I have a big detailed one planned!

The page of shame is up! Every little project I've started all on one page to motivate me to finish!

This week I plan on working on the model, carving LOADS of pumpkins and bowling!

Monday, 20 August 2012

IHSW August

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your messages and suggestions with PQ, my mum reckons she can fix her! I just have to finish her first!

IHSW this weekend past! I did get a good bit of stitching done! I've started my block on my Mira large stitch RR. It isn't due out until next year however I'm being organized for once in my life and getting started. My theme is snooty ladies! I'm doing Crystal Symphony and I really didn't realize all the beads!!!!

Fabric is a Polstitches limited called bouquet. I'm either going to do a Celtic border or something similar to the PR mystery SAL border.

My block for the JE RR is just about done waiting on some beads that are due tomorrow!

I also returned the Opus frame that ripped PQ and treated myself to a Lowrey frame, I've no idea how I managed before it! My mum found and gave me my Nana's old chair. It needs a lick of paint and some new cushions but I've never been so comfy stitching in my life! (excuse my clutter!)

Laptop in front of me and I have everything I need! Also just recently discovered Greys Anatomy It's very dramatic! So I'm off work for a couple weeks and I'm going to work on the blog. I want to do a page of fabrics like Karens and I'm going to put up a Page of Shame... I'm going to post every single WIP I have ever started even if its a couple stitches to motivate me to finish something and not start anything else!!!!

98 followers by the way! Wow!!! Never thought that many would want to hear me ramble on! I'll hold a give away at 100! Get me two more followers and I'll pull something out my wardrobe of fabric and threads and kits and maybe ever some of my mums homemade Scottish sweets!!!! 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Devastated really isn't the word....

I've had the worst disaster I've EVER had stitching...

Was working all day on PQ. It was may day off work and I had nothing planned so I decided a stitchy day was in order. That and I wanted to try out my new Opus floor stand....

 As you can see I got loads done on the shading of the leg, but when I took her off the stand to look at the full effect I found this...
It wasn't there when I started this morning. I can only think it's got caught on one of the bolts that hold the clamp tight. It's so near the stitching I've no idea if it can be saved...

You know the saving grace was that it was one of my own pieces that it happened to thank god it wasn't Steph's RR.

Can't believe it.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

WIPocalypse August 1st.

I'm alive!!!! Ha ha! Sorry been majorly busy! I didn't participate in the last IHSW as I was at the Rewind festival! All the performers were ones that hat hits in the 80's! After having a really horrific time last year at T in the Park festival I must say this one was amazing just a completely different atmosphere and I of course threw myself into the whole theme of the festival!!!

Thats my friend Paul who came with us, he clearly got much more carried away than us!

Onto sewing! Miss New Years is coming along swimmingly!!

I've gave her lips but I think I've made them too bright. I'm going to leave it and see how it looks when all the stitching is in. Also that clock is ALL Kreinik! By some miracle I managed to do it without a knot or a fray!

Started on Stephanies RR. It's sooooo cute!!!!!

Love love love it!!!

Oh one last piece of non stitchy news....After training hard with my bowling coach i bowled my highest ever game on Tuesday!!

 299!!!!!!!! I'm still in disbelief I managed it!!! 300 will happen soon!!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Another RR block done!!!

Just finished my RR block for this round! This is Michelle's piece and it was fantasy themed. I chose the Chinese Phoenix. Words can not describe how much fun he was! Such a handsome chap and he knows it!!!!

Whole piece,

The camera really washed out the fabric colours! It's a beautiful fabric! All purple and blues. Thats us over halfway now!!! Really really enjoying this RR!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

July WIPocalypse

Hi all! Well my stitchy bug found me at my Grannies! I am just a tiny bit away from finishing my rr piece. It would be finished except I don't have two of the variation threads! So a quick trip out for me tomorrow and I'll be done!

I got an updated photo of my RR from Stephanie.

Ignore Cinderella in the middle there, thats my block...To be finished on it's return!

Little Miss New Years is coming on leaps and bounds! She's so Sparkly!

The colours are more vibrant than this, my camera washed them out!!! I've opened her eye and I'm planning on giving her some lips too! The spaces around her neck and dress are for beads! Blingy!!!

I also got these swarovski crystal hearts to put somewhere when I'm done! I plan on getting some stars too! Hearts on New Years you say? Well I like the idea of kissing your true love at midnight on New Years so hearts!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hey guys! I'm not dead ha ha! I know I've pretty much vanished over the past month and I'm sorry. There is still no news of Timmy and the search continues. We've Been trying to continue on as normal but my stitch bug more or less vanished with him.
I had 10 days in holland, bowling trip, and when I got back the next rr piece was waiting for me. I have been working on it and am almost done!
My cousin got the kit for Mira's Miss New Years Fairy and she finished last week and I inherited the chart and what left over thread she had. She was singing to me to start her and after the time I've been having I wasn't going to deprive myself of a new start.
I'm going to visit my Granny next week, stay a couple days in the village my dad grew up in. It's called Killin and its one of those proper Scottish villages up in the hills cut off from the world! Hopefully find some peace and stitch! There's a lovely little stitches shop too so that should help!

Sunday, 3 June 2012


I don't know if anyone has seen the news about a British soldier named Timothy MacColl on the news recently?

He has went missing after a night out at the Rock Bottom Cafe in the Regent Hotel in Dubai. He was last seen getting into a taxi at 2am 27th May in the Deira district of Dubai. The journey should have only taken 15 mins back to his boat the HMS Westminster. He never arrived.

Timmy is my cousin, every summer holiday I'd spend a fortnight up at my Grannies in the village Timmy grew up in. I grew up with him and those fortnights up there were some of the best times of my life. I know however my pain is nothing compared to that of his wife Rachael and their two young children aged 6 and 4. Rachael is expecting their third child in October. He loves his kids, every time we spoke he would gush about them and tell me it didn't matter I wasn't married yet or wasn't the right time because there was nothing like having kids.

I'm pleading to everyone to spread the message. Please share this picture on social networks like facebook. We need to get the message to the people of Dubai so we can get Timmy home to his Wife and children.

Please please please lets get him back.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Melva's JE RR Block completed!

After 9 hours of solid stitching yesterday I finished Melva's block (just in the nick of time too it was due today)

Her theme is a Victorian Christmas and I volunteered to stitch the blonde petite angel! I must say she is very pretty but was a pita to stitch! I've taken a few pics of her as she's quite detailed!

Whole Piece to date

 Her face
 Detailing on skirt
 and finally my name (which I'm bizarrely proud of)

I'm off to Holland next week, I'm bowling the Womens European Championships so hopefully the next one comes before I jet off!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I didn't really have much time to hermit this weekend! I was away playing a bowling tournament in Ayr. However, I have worked a little little bit on PQ.

I found a craft group in my area last Wednesday and they are a small group of ladies that do all sorts of different crafts. It was really nice to be around like minded women even though none of them were cross stitchers. They couldn't believe the detail of what I was doing and I couldn't believe what they were doing! I think I spent most of the night watching them! PQ was what came with me as I didn't like the idea of the JE RR coming with just in case!

Talking of which...

I really must get my ample backside in gear and get her finished! Got less than a week to go however a couple of good solid stitchy days and I'll be sorted!

Last but not least my TUSAL jar! Just about overflowing! Pictured here with Cupid!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Late WIPocalypse update

Me? Late? Never!!! I resent that accusation!!! Ha ha ok so I'm always late! In all honesty I lost my stitchy mojo after finished ToT! However I've been working on the next part of the JE round robin.

This is Melva's piece. She's specified which pieces she wanted and I'm doing the blonde petite angel. Karen has already stitched on this and had major issues with her angel's boyfriend the Frog Prince! He's apparently traveled with her! I'm out one stitch on her skirt and I've stitched so much of the skirt already I'm going to have to frog the sleeve and hair! sigh...

 So with ToT done I had to start another Mira (my compulsion demanded it) Here is my small start on Bluebeards Princess. I'm doing TJ's conversion and it can be found at her blog Elegant Jewels of the Needle

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Everyone sitting down??? Right then....


Ha ha it was bound to happen at some point but I have finished ToT Fairy!!!! Stitched on Polstitches Pixies Playground. Kreinik converted to Petite Treasure Braid. All recommended Mill Hill beads used apart from the orange ones they were converted to Spell bound beads, a clear orange and a solid orange bead.

Excuse the photos I still don't know how to use my big fancy camera yet!!!

My mother has claimed her and will take her off to be framed!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IHSW April and Shenanigans

I didn't stitch as much as I'd have liked this weekend! I was injured! I've mentioned on here before I play Ten  Pin Bowling competitively and I had a tournament on Sunday. It's always a risk when you bowl that you can burst the skin on your fingers and I did on the last shot of the day took a gook chunk of skin off my thumb. It's usually no big deal but I couldn't hold scissors! So I started unpicking Waiting for Ships and eventually had to give up until I heal. I did however get some more ToT beading done!
 I'm really not sure about that top lines of beads. I've made a mistake somewhere and the swirly line of beads is supposed to be longer. I'll leave it as is at the moment and decide what I'm going to do with it when I finish. I'm leaning towards taking the whole top line out and leaving the two swirly ones!

And now onto the Shenanigans portion of the evening! Anyone else have one of these sticky blue mats that stop beads from rolling about (I believe I've heard them being called sticky bobs???)  Well the oldest of my two brothers discovered mine last night and thought it highly amusing to throw it (without beads) at the windows and at one point my face to see if it would stick, he missed thank god but it was a close one! However he let out a maniacal laugh and ran with it, fearing the worst I tore off after him. Bear in mind my brother is a 24 year old man, he threw it up the stairs landing at the highest point of the ceiling...
 It stuck....
really really well in fact....
until  he panicked that mum was coming home and she'd see said sticky mat stuck to her newly decorated ceiling!!!

He he!!! The next JE RR piece is here!!! Thats my plan for this week!!!!