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Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Late IHSW check in and TUSAL.

Very sorry for the late update but my big fancy new camera's battery ran out and I can't find the cable to charge it!!! Please excuse the fact my photos were taken on my Iphone!

So I worked a little on Morning Fae. I absolutely love her but the top part of the dress I was so desperate to get to is so full of colour changes I just wasn't in the mood for them.

So I picked up TOT fairy as the piece I am at is one solid block of colour on her skirt.

I'm beginning to see the end of the tunnel with her!

Also I worked on Chatelaine Mini Mandala 6.  Which I got to get a feel for Chatelaines before I did Deep Blue sea.

Talking of Deep Blue Sea the DMC came today so I made a tiny start. I'm still not totally sold on my teal fabric but I shall persevere!

Last but not least TUSAL here is my jar (with my paint doodles on it) accompanied by my Frankie Stein doll! (Yes I am a large child, expect different dolls to appear with the jar next new moon)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Morning Fae update.

IHSW this weekend! I plan on stitching Morning Fae, I'm going to try to work on the same project for each section of the WIPocalypse.

I have managed to get a chunk of her shoulder and arm done. Actually that arm has been done 3 times! I kept miscounting and had to rip out the stitches! Can't wait to get the skin done so I can get on to more exciting colours!

On a random note anyone else name their projects? Morning Fae here is called Arya (Literary geek reference. Pirate Queen is Dita!

  Bit of stash now! The silks came for Deep Blue Sea! These are HDF silks as I am using a conversion. Not made a start yet as I thought it would be ages before I got them so I've not ordered the DMC yet!

Monday, 9 January 2012

WIPocalypse-January 9th.

It's time for the first show and tell of the WIPocalypse!!! This time I have been working on PQ and although I had planned on getting much much more of her done I am proud of my little progress!

As I mentioned before the 310 line.... I had planned to finish the other glove before the nagging little voice told me the material wasn't long enough. Then I got really excited to stitch her stripey tights!!! Which I planned on finishing, then life got in the way!

Has everyone seen the new Joan Elliott in Cross Stitch Gold by the way? Cinderella? She's GORGEOUS!!!! There may have been a small start.....

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ever get paranoid???

I did today on Pirate Queen. I suddenly panicked that her fabric wasn't long enough and stitched the 310 line that is the ruffles on her skirt to see exactly what I'm dealing with! Turns out my fabric my more than enough to ft her on and I've no idea what I was so worried about!

No pics for you tonight I'm keeping my progress under wraps until the first WIPocalypse date on the 9th!

Also awaiting the threads for Chatelaine's Deep Blue Sea Mystery! I'm using Sarah's HDF conversion as instead of costing me $207 for threads it cost me.... wait for it... $45! I know it wont be exactly the same but I could never justify that kind of money on one pattern! I got the email they have been shipped but I suspect it's by snail mail so I'll be waiting another 4 weeks yet!

Anyone wanting to check out Sarah's conversions head over to sarahislostinstitches!