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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ever get paranoid???

I did today on Pirate Queen. I suddenly panicked that her fabric wasn't long enough and stitched the 310 line that is the ruffles on her skirt to see exactly what I'm dealing with! Turns out my fabric my more than enough to ft her on and I've no idea what I was so worried about!

No pics for you tonight I'm keeping my progress under wraps until the first WIPocalypse date on the 9th!

Also awaiting the threads for Chatelaine's Deep Blue Sea Mystery! I'm using Sarah's HDF conversion as instead of costing me $207 for threads it cost me.... wait for it... $45! I know it wont be exactly the same but I could never justify that kind of money on one pattern! I got the email they have been shipped but I suspect it's by snail mail so I'll be waiting another 4 weeks yet!

Anyone wanting to check out Sarah's conversions head over to sarahislostinstitches!


Katie said...

Wow that's a huge difference in price. I don't blame you at all for the choice you made.

Glad your fabric was big enough. Yes I've had that panic before.

Andie said...

Oh I'm using Sarahs conversion too :D What fabby are you going to use? Glad your Pirate Queen is going to fit on your fabric and yes I panic sometimes too :D

Valentina said...

I know what you mean! When I was stitching my Forest Goddes I had that terrible feeling that the fabric wouldn't be long enough, but in the end it fitted even though I had very few fabric leftover

Joysze said...

I do that quite often at the beginning of a project... even thought I've measured over and over. Hehehe.

Can't wait to see your Deep Blue Sea. :D

Mangogirl said...

All the time! That is why I grid I worry too much otherwise.