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Thursday, 26 January 2012

A Late IHSW check in and TUSAL.

Very sorry for the late update but my big fancy new camera's battery ran out and I can't find the cable to charge it!!! Please excuse the fact my photos were taken on my Iphone!

So I worked a little on Morning Fae. I absolutely love her but the top part of the dress I was so desperate to get to is so full of colour changes I just wasn't in the mood for them.

So I picked up TOT fairy as the piece I am at is one solid block of colour on her skirt.

I'm beginning to see the end of the tunnel with her!

Also I worked on Chatelaine Mini Mandala 6.  Which I got to get a feel for Chatelaines before I did Deep Blue sea.

Talking of Deep Blue Sea the DMC came today so I made a tiny start. I'm still not totally sold on my teal fabric but I shall persevere!

Last but not least TUSAL here is my jar (with my paint doodles on it) accompanied by my Frankie Stein doll! (Yes I am a large child, expect different dolls to appear with the jar next new moon)


Katie said...

Your stitching looks beautiful. I totally understand about sometimes just not being in the mood for a lot of color changes. I get like that sometimes too. Then other times they just seem to fly without you even noticing. Love your TUSAL jar and doll!

Carla said...

You made good progress on your wips!
Love your doll!

Valentina said...

You had a very productive IHSW, good job!

StitchyWoman said...

Love the doll! Can't wait to see next month's.

Melissa said...

All your pieces look great! I am looking forward to seeing more of mini mandala 6 :)

Joysze said...

Morning Fae and TOT are looking great.

OOOOH!! MM06 is looking awesome. I did this awhile back and it was such a fun stitch. :D I can't wait to see more of your progress.

Great start on DBS, looking forward to seeing more of it too.

Love your dollie ORT companion. She's so cute.

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D

Kate said...

Stitching looks wonderful and i love the Monster High doll! Cant wait to see next month's ;)