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Monday, 16 January 2012

Morning Fae update.

IHSW this weekend! I plan on stitching Morning Fae, I'm going to try to work on the same project for each section of the WIPocalypse.

I have managed to get a chunk of her shoulder and arm done. Actually that arm has been done 3 times! I kept miscounting and had to rip out the stitches! Can't wait to get the skin done so I can get on to more exciting colours!

On a random note anyone else name their projects? Morning Fae here is called Arya (Literary geek reference. Pirate Queen is Dita!

  Bit of stash now! The silks came for Deep Blue Sea! These are HDF silks as I am using a conversion. Not made a start yet as I thought it would be ages before I got them so I've not ordered the DMC yet!


Katie said...

Can't wait to see how much progress you make. She is beautiful.

Yeah I come up with names. Not official. More like Dragon Lady or something like a nick name.

Those fibers are beautiful! What a bright project that's going to be.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

She's looking good so far. I don't usually name my projects, I have no imagination - look at my own tag!

Minnie said...

Love you progress and yes I have named a few of my projects. Very beautiful silk fibers.

StitchyWoman said...

She's so pretty! Although I'm up to my eyeballs in WIPs, I really want to start my first PR this year. Either Queen of Fairies or Fairy of Dreams.

Great job! I love that you did her face first including backstitching. Keep up the good work.

Joysze said...

Yeah.. when i was stitching Circle of Friends, we'd call it "washday girls" cos I said it looked like girls dancing to celebrate after washing their clothes." LOL!!

Happy hermitting!

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching. Such a lovely stash of silks!

♥ Nia said...

Lovely stitching :)