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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Everyone sitting down??? Right then....


Ha ha it was bound to happen at some point but I have finished ToT Fairy!!!! Stitched on Polstitches Pixies Playground. Kreinik converted to Petite Treasure Braid. All recommended Mill Hill beads used apart from the orange ones they were converted to Spell bound beads, a clear orange and a solid orange bead.

Excuse the photos I still don't know how to use my big fancy camera yet!!!

My mother has claimed her and will take her off to be framed!

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IHSW April and Shenanigans

I didn't stitch as much as I'd have liked this weekend! I was injured! I've mentioned on here before I play Ten  Pin Bowling competitively and I had a tournament on Sunday. It's always a risk when you bowl that you can burst the skin on your fingers and I did on the last shot of the day took a gook chunk of skin off my thumb. It's usually no big deal but I couldn't hold scissors! So I started unpicking Waiting for Ships and eventually had to give up until I heal. I did however get some more ToT beading done!
 I'm really not sure about that top lines of beads. I've made a mistake somewhere and the swirly line of beads is supposed to be longer. I'll leave it as is at the moment and decide what I'm going to do with it when I finish. I'm leaning towards taking the whole top line out and leaving the two swirly ones!

And now onto the Shenanigans portion of the evening! Anyone else have one of these sticky blue mats that stop beads from rolling about (I believe I've heard them being called sticky bobs???)  Well the oldest of my two brothers discovered mine last night and thought it highly amusing to throw it (without beads) at the windows and at one point my face to see if it would stick, he missed thank god but it was a close one! However he let out a maniacal laugh and ran with it, fearing the worst I tore off after him. Bear in mind my brother is a 24 year old man, he threw it up the stairs landing at the highest point of the ceiling...
 It stuck....
really really well in fact....
until  he panicked that mum was coming home and she'd see said sticky mat stuck to her newly decorated ceiling!!!

He he!!! The next JE RR piece is here!!! Thats my plan for this week!!!!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Its IHSW again!!!

Can't believe its April already!!! So with the JE RR finished and away I've got time to work on my own things! I'm at a loss as to what to work on!

Was looking through some older WIP's that had got put to the back of my stash drawers and pulled out Waiting for Ships. I started this a while back and while I love the design I only ever did a little bit of her. While I was looking at her and cringing at the thought of all that Kreinik I realized I had used two strands of the Kreinik (including the thicker braid). I think this is where my loathing of Kreinik has came from!!! I believe I shall spend this IHSW frogging Kreinik and I shall try again!!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

And I'm done! WIPocalypse April!

I have just this very second completed my block for the JE RR!!!! YAY!!!!

I chose Celtic Fairy from Cross Stitcher Magazine issue 227. She was so fun to stitch! Originally I has planned to stitch Winter fairy but I couldn't get the thought of her out my head! Well having Celtic roots and all it would have been rude not to!

Here's the whole piece!

I'm so pleased with her!

Also Emma over at xxxstitching awarded me with a Liebster award! Thank you so much!!! I'm supposed to pass it on to other blogs that have less than 200 followers but I think everyone I follow has the award now... However do check out my reading list especially the wonderful Karen who's RR is the one above and Jo who has just finished my RR piece!

Now as terms of the award I have to give 5 facts about myself, I've done this once before and it's hard thinking of new facts,

1) I am trying to slim down and have currently lost 16.5 lbs
2) I believe body modification is an art form. I have 10 piercings, 4 tattoos and stretched ear lobes
3) My mother is trying to marry me off, however she doesn't know I'm already really into someone
4) My best friends are very flamboyant gay men
5) I want to live in Vegas someday (but I don't know how to gamble)

I tried to think of really obscure facts!!!!

Now I'm off to start Vanity!!!!