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Sunday, 8 April 2012

And I'm done! WIPocalypse April!

I have just this very second completed my block for the JE RR!!!! YAY!!!!

I chose Celtic Fairy from Cross Stitcher Magazine issue 227. She was so fun to stitch! Originally I has planned to stitch Winter fairy but I couldn't get the thought of her out my head! Well having Celtic roots and all it would have been rude not to!

Here's the whole piece!

I'm so pleased with her!

Also Emma over at xxxstitching awarded me with a Liebster award! Thank you so much!!! I'm supposed to pass it on to other blogs that have less than 200 followers but I think everyone I follow has the award now... However do check out my reading list especially the wonderful Karen who's RR is the one above and Jo who has just finished my RR piece!

Now as terms of the award I have to give 5 facts about myself, I've done this once before and it's hard thinking of new facts,

1) I am trying to slim down and have currently lost 16.5 lbs
2) I believe body modification is an art form. I have 10 piercings, 4 tattoos and stretched ear lobes
3) My mother is trying to marry me off, however she doesn't know I'm already really into someone
4) My best friends are very flamboyant gay men
5) I want to live in Vegas someday (but I don't know how to gamble)

I tried to think of really obscure facts!!!!

Now I'm off to start Vanity!!!!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

They look so good together! I love how much of the wings are visible too. I was planning on Autumn for this one but I might try find one with more wings showing in the box now!
Thanks for the mention, don't forget my Easter Treasure Hunt is now on.

sharine said...

It looks great!

Miamina said...

She's beautiful! I made a start on that design this weekend although I've only done the blue on her skirt so there isn't much to see. I'm really excited to see how this will turn out after seeing yours.

Well done!

Shebafudge said...

Looks beautiful! I love JE's all the backstitch that puts me off doing any!

Ewa said...

Love your stitching, and your facts! I bet you'd be the perfect person to go with to get my bellybutton pierced! I'm such a chicken. Mothers are always trying to marry their daughters off ;) And once they do they demand grandchildren!

Karen said...

Well, guess what...I awarded you a Liebster, too. tee hee

Thank you so much for the beautiful square on my project! Love her!

Anne said...

Lovely Celtic Fairy! So much sparkle!! Love the 5 facts about you!!

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Your RR stitching is lovely, this one will be gorgeous when it's finished.

Congrats on your award, loved your random facts!

Mangogirl said...

Beautiful stitching

Amanda Vanlandingham said...

You stitching is very pretty and inspiring. Which is why I gave you a Liebster Award! Go to for more information!