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Monday, 16 April 2012

Its IHSW again!!!

Can't believe its April already!!! So with the JE RR finished and away I've got time to work on my own things! I'm at a loss as to what to work on!

Was looking through some older WIP's that had got put to the back of my stash drawers and pulled out Waiting for Ships. I started this a while back and while I love the design I only ever did a little bit of her. While I was looking at her and cringing at the thought of all that Kreinik I realized I had used two strands of the Kreinik (including the thicker braid). I think this is where my loathing of Kreinik has came from!!! I believe I shall spend this IHSW frogging Kreinik and I shall try again!!!


Ewa said...

I don't think Kreinik is SO bad as long as you use the thinnest one (I think it's #4) and short lengths. Good luck!

Andie said...

I have heard of quite a few people using the #4 instead of the #8 that was originally used. When the pattern was released the #8 colour wasn't available in #4 :D Ughhh no wonder you hated it if you stitched with two strands! :D Love the fabric, Looking forward to seeing some progress :D

Jennifer said...

I have chosen you for the Liebster Award- Sorry if you have already received it!

Tammy Bergeron said...

wow love the fabric!!

Claudette497 said...

That is a beautiful fabric! 2 strands of Kreinik would make me hateful too - I'm glad you're giving this design another chance; it looks like it will be beautiful!

Joysze said...

Oh dear..... did you end up frogging over the weekend? I hope it wasn't too horrible. :(

I'm with the girls.... try #4 and shorter lengths. Also, before you stitch, tug on both ends of the length to straighten it out. It won't kink as easily once straightened.