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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Melva's JE RR Block completed!

After 9 hours of solid stitching yesterday I finished Melva's block (just in the nick of time too it was due today)

Her theme is a Victorian Christmas and I volunteered to stitch the blonde petite angel! I must say she is very pretty but was a pita to stitch! I've taken a few pics of her as she's quite detailed!

Whole Piece to date

 Her face
 Detailing on skirt
 and finally my name (which I'm bizarrely proud of)

I'm off to Holland next week, I'm bowling the Womens European Championships so hopefully the next one comes before I jet off!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


I didn't really have much time to hermit this weekend! I was away playing a bowling tournament in Ayr. However, I have worked a little little bit on PQ.

I found a craft group in my area last Wednesday and they are a small group of ladies that do all sorts of different crafts. It was really nice to be around like minded women even though none of them were cross stitchers. They couldn't believe the detail of what I was doing and I couldn't believe what they were doing! I think I spent most of the night watching them! PQ was what came with me as I didn't like the idea of the JE RR coming with just in case!

Talking of which...

I really must get my ample backside in gear and get her finished! Got less than a week to go however a couple of good solid stitchy days and I'll be sorted!

Last but not least my TUSAL jar! Just about overflowing! Pictured here with Cupid!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Late WIPocalypse update

Me? Late? Never!!! I resent that accusation!!! Ha ha ok so I'm always late! In all honesty I lost my stitchy mojo after finished ToT! However I've been working on the next part of the JE round robin.

This is Melva's piece. She's specified which pieces she wanted and I'm doing the blonde petite angel. Karen has already stitched on this and had major issues with her angel's boyfriend the Frog Prince! He's apparently traveled with her! I'm out one stitch on her skirt and I've stitched so much of the skirt already I'm going to have to frog the sleeve and hair! sigh...

 So with ToT done I had to start another Mira (my compulsion demanded it) Here is my small start on Bluebeards Princess. I'm doing TJ's conversion and it can be found at her blog Elegant Jewels of the Needle