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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Late WIPocalypse update

Me? Late? Never!!! I resent that accusation!!! Ha ha ok so I'm always late! In all honesty I lost my stitchy mojo after finished ToT! However I've been working on the next part of the JE round robin.

This is Melva's piece. She's specified which pieces she wanted and I'm doing the blonde petite angel. Karen has already stitched on this and had major issues with her angel's boyfriend the Frog Prince! He's apparently traveled with her! I'm out one stitch on her skirt and I've stitched so much of the skirt already I'm going to have to frog the sleeve and hair! sigh...

 So with ToT done I had to start another Mira (my compulsion demanded it) Here is my small start on Bluebeards Princess. I'm doing TJ's conversion and it can be found at her blog Elegant Jewels of the Needle


Karen said...

I think my Angel and her Frog Prince must've had a baby frog to send your way, cuz that stupid Prince is still at my house. (pulled 150 stitches out of Michelle's RR)

Sorry you're having troubles too. Looks pretty, though.

Veronica said...

Ow, that's really too bad about the frogs. Sorry but I had to laugh at Karen's comment above.

Lovely new start. That fabric is just gorgeous.


Miamina said...

Sorry about the frogs. It'll look lovely when it's done though.

I love the colour changes on Bluebeard's Princess, thank you for pointing out TJ's blog site, her work is beautiful!

Can't wait to see your progress.

mdgtjulie said...

Looking good Eyani. (And what a pretty name.) I'm sorry you have to frog, but at least you don't have to frog the whole thing and start over!! Bad frog prince!!!! Hopefully, he will hop off before you send it on to the next person!!

Always smiling said...

I have had frogs too, it must be all this rain in UK bringing them out!! Looked back at your Fairy and it is amazing, quite beautiful.
Happy stitching

Chris xx

Beth Pearce said...

It seems May is the Frog month, I have seen a number of blogs saying that they had that certain happening in their house. I know I had to stitch one part of my project over three times - it is frustrating.

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :)