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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hey guys! I'm not dead ha ha! I know I've pretty much vanished over the past month and I'm sorry. There is still no news of Timmy and the search continues. We've Been trying to continue on as normal but my stitch bug more or less vanished with him.
I had 10 days in holland, bowling trip, and when I got back the next rr piece was waiting for me. I have been working on it and am almost done!
My cousin got the kit for Mira's Miss New Years Fairy and she finished last week and I inherited the chart and what left over thread she had. She was singing to me to start her and after the time I've been having I wasn't going to deprive myself of a new start.
I'm going to visit my Granny next week, stay a couple days in the village my dad grew up in. It's called Killin and its one of those proper Scottish villages up in the hills cut off from the world! Hopefully find some peace and stitch! There's a lovely little stitches shop too so that should help!

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