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Thursday, 5 July 2012

July WIPocalypse

Hi all! Well my stitchy bug found me at my Grannies! I am just a tiny bit away from finishing my rr piece. It would be finished except I don't have two of the variation threads! So a quick trip out for me tomorrow and I'll be done!

I got an updated photo of my RR from Stephanie.

Ignore Cinderella in the middle there, thats my block...To be finished on it's return!

Little Miss New Years is coming on leaps and bounds! She's so Sparkly!

The colours are more vibrant than this, my camera washed them out!!! I've opened her eye and I'm planning on giving her some lips too! The spaces around her neck and dress are for beads! Blingy!!!

I also got these swarovski crystal hearts to put somewhere when I'm done! I plan on getting some stars too! Hearts on New Years you say? Well I like the idea of kissing your true love at midnight on New Years so hearts!


Ewa said...

I'm glad to hear your stitchy bug has found you again! Your stitching looks absolutely lovely. I love the fabric color for your fairy :)

Karen said...

I'm glad you're back to stitching and blogging. Missed you!

I was so sorry to read about your cousin. My fingers will remain crossed for him to be found soon.

Your Miss New Years is adorable. Love the hearts!

I love how your JE RR is coming out. I'll be the last to stitch on it. It's killing me that I can't pick out what to stitch on it until I see what everyone else is doing. Sigh. Any requests?

sharine said...

Very nice stitching!

mdgtjulie said...

It's a good thing that your stitchy mojo found you, no matter where you are. Your RR looks great, and the fairy is VERY sparkly. I love it!!

Minnie said...

Glad you are stitching again and everything is looking good.

Mangogirl said...

Gorgeous stitching!