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Monday, 20 August 2012

IHSW August

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your messages and suggestions with PQ, my mum reckons she can fix her! I just have to finish her first!

IHSW this weekend past! I did get a good bit of stitching done! I've started my block on my Mira large stitch RR. It isn't due out until next year however I'm being organized for once in my life and getting started. My theme is snooty ladies! I'm doing Crystal Symphony and I really didn't realize all the beads!!!!

Fabric is a Polstitches limited called bouquet. I'm either going to do a Celtic border or something similar to the PR mystery SAL border.

My block for the JE RR is just about done waiting on some beads that are due tomorrow!

I also returned the Opus frame that ripped PQ and treated myself to a Lowrey frame, I've no idea how I managed before it! My mum found and gave me my Nana's old chair. It needs a lick of paint and some new cushions but I've never been so comfy stitching in my life! (excuse my clutter!)

Laptop in front of me and I have everything I need! Also just recently discovered Greys Anatomy It's very dramatic! So I'm off work for a couple weeks and I'm going to work on the blog. I want to do a page of fabrics like Karens and I'm going to put up a Page of Shame... I'm going to post every single WIP I have ever started even if its a couple stitches to motivate me to finish something and not start anything else!!!!

98 followers by the way! Wow!!! Never thought that many would want to hear me ramble on! I'll hold a give away at 100! Get me two more followers and I'll pull something out my wardrobe of fabric and threads and kits and maybe ever some of my mums homemade Scottish sweets!!!! 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Devastated really isn't the word....

I've had the worst disaster I've EVER had stitching...

Was working all day on PQ. It was may day off work and I had nothing planned so I decided a stitchy day was in order. That and I wanted to try out my new Opus floor stand....

 As you can see I got loads done on the shading of the leg, but when I took her off the stand to look at the full effect I found this...
It wasn't there when I started this morning. I can only think it's got caught on one of the bolts that hold the clamp tight. It's so near the stitching I've no idea if it can be saved...

You know the saving grace was that it was one of my own pieces that it happened to thank god it wasn't Steph's RR.

Can't believe it.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

WIPocalypse August 1st.

I'm alive!!!! Ha ha! Sorry been majorly busy! I didn't participate in the last IHSW as I was at the Rewind festival! All the performers were ones that hat hits in the 80's! After having a really horrific time last year at T in the Park festival I must say this one was amazing just a completely different atmosphere and I of course threw myself into the whole theme of the festival!!!

Thats my friend Paul who came with us, he clearly got much more carried away than us!

Onto sewing! Miss New Years is coming along swimmingly!!

I've gave her lips but I think I've made them too bright. I'm going to leave it and see how it looks when all the stitching is in. Also that clock is ALL Kreinik! By some miracle I managed to do it without a knot or a fray!

Started on Stephanies RR. It's sooooo cute!!!!!

Love love love it!!!

Oh one last piece of non stitchy news....After training hard with my bowling coach i bowled my highest ever game on Tuesday!!

 299!!!!!!!! I'm still in disbelief I managed it!!! 300 will happen soon!!!