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Thursday, 2 August 2012

WIPocalypse August 1st.

I'm alive!!!! Ha ha! Sorry been majorly busy! I didn't participate in the last IHSW as I was at the Rewind festival! All the performers were ones that hat hits in the 80's! After having a really horrific time last year at T in the Park festival I must say this one was amazing just a completely different atmosphere and I of course threw myself into the whole theme of the festival!!!

Thats my friend Paul who came with us, he clearly got much more carried away than us!

Onto sewing! Miss New Years is coming along swimmingly!!

I've gave her lips but I think I've made them too bright. I'm going to leave it and see how it looks when all the stitching is in. Also that clock is ALL Kreinik! By some miracle I managed to do it without a knot or a fray!

Started on Stephanies RR. It's sooooo cute!!!!!

Love love love it!!!

Oh one last piece of non stitchy news....After training hard with my bowling coach i bowled my highest ever game on Tuesday!!

 299!!!!!!!! I'm still in disbelief I managed it!!! 300 will happen soon!!!


Minnie said...

I can see that you really enjoyed the festival looks like a lot of run. I think the lips on Miss New Year look great that color, the RR is beautiful and congrats on the 299.

missy-tannenbaum said...

299? That's an amazing score, congratulations! Miss New Year looks awesome, too- the lip color is bright, but I think it adds to her sassiness. ^^

Shebafudge said...

Congratulations on such an amazing score.

The RR is beautiful. I love the way it is set out in such a different way.

New Year is coming on well and I love the fabric you're using. I will admit though everytime I look at her my eyes are drawn to the lips. Not sure if that is because you mentioned it or not though!

robindefender said...

That is gorgeous fabric on your New Years piece. Great stitching!

Karen said...

First, congrats on your 299! Woo hoo!!

Second, love New Year. Maybe she was getting into the 80s theme and went with neon lipstick? ;-D

Can't wait to see Steph's piece when you finish.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm so glad that's not you in the pink and turquoise! Funnily enough I wore alot of black in the 80s though I did have a pink Twisted Sister t-shirt! We all bought them at the gig then the boys were to ashamed to ever wear them again LOL.

Looking forward to Stephanie's piece later this month.