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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mermaids of the Deep Blue done!

I finished this RR a while ago! I'm so in love with my block I really must stitch the full thing!

Conversion Is by Kris over at the Mira Yuku board. Beads are a mixture of her conversion and ones I've put in myself!

Whilst I've been waiting on the next round I've been working on the Petal Fairy Model, the skirt is HUGE!!!


Gemma Cleaver said...

The mermaids look lovely! I really like the use of beads and sequins in this piece too, they should be included in more cross stitches!


Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
The RR looks amazing.
Petal Fairy looks beautiful already!

sharine said...

Beautiful stitching:)

Rachel said...

I love the conversion on your mermaids! :) They turned out wonderful. Your Petal Fairy is looking wonderful on that fabric! :)

Vemula Madhu said...
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Tricia - the left-handed stitcher said...

I saw a pinterest photo of a full version of the Mermaids of the Deep Blue in this color conversion. Do you have or can point me to that colors conversion you refer to? I tried to locate it on the Yuku boards but they're are very frustrating to look through, with how long it takes for each page to load. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Happy Stitching, - Tricia